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Made $72 extra today

September 19th, 2007 at 01:56 am

I finally got around to calling XM and cancelling my account. My new car isn't equipped with XM, and with car payments now, I don't have the money to have it installed. So, I called up today and stopped the service. Since I paid for a year in advance in April, I should get a credit to my credit card for around $70. I missed XM at first, but honestly, I've found some new local stations that aren't too bad. And on road trips I have the CD player.

Now, I just need to do the same sort of thing with my cable--either cancel the digital cable/DVR, or try Dish or DirecTV.

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  1. Amber Says:

    I have direct TV and it is not too bad, but if I wasn't living at home I would go with out it. I am surprise that XM did not charge you an early termination fee

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